walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Three weeks old today

About a week spent with mom-in-law visiting (very helpful, thank you, C.) and step-dad-in-law for the long weekend (always good to see D., even when it brings out the violence in me). His son-in-law got a gig doing massage at the U.S. Open. Go G.! Even a mention in Sports Illustrated about it (maybe just an online version).

R. has been going to work, but short days so far, thank goodness. This whole hormones, major surgery recovery, new baby thing is every bit as exhausting as everyone said. Lots of fun tho. Watched three Dr Who episodes today (thank you, B.). Still working my way through _Pledged_, part of the reading-about-women binge that I've been on (_The Bitch in the House_, _The Fire This Time_, _For Her Own Good_ and _The F Word_ were earlier in this, altho I haven't finished Fire yet). I continue to be stunned by the cluster fuck that is our leaders response to a straightforward and thoroughly predicted natural disaster. You'd think no one in the US had ever dealt with a refugee crisis before. As much as I despise vice-leader, I couldn't help but speculate that had he not been vacationing in Wyoming, things might have been done differently, but R. says senility hit him hard about six months ago and we should never expect anything out of him again. He's usually right about stuff like that.

Since Teddy is sleeping, I should be too. Milkbreath will awaken all too soon and want more. ;-)
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