walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

minor updates on the infant

Cord fell off. We ran out of disposable diapers in her size, so we were compelled to use cloth -- no obvious problems there. She continues to poop bright orange, which as near as I can tell is (a) not worrisome but (b) no one knows why it is bright orange.

We called Jordan's Furniture and they have Dutailier rockers and ottomans in their warehouses so a new one should be available for us to put upstairs, thus allowing me to get up and sit in the rocker with A. during cluster feeds in the middle of the night without going all the way downstairs -- and coming all the way back up. I know this sounds foolish, and I don't care. After some concerns about where it would go, R. is in favor of this idea as well, figuring that if/when we move/renovate, we'll have plenty of space for the rockers and they make teh awesome TV watching chairs.

We had visitors today: J.-who-watches-T. came by with her whole family. They picked up some of the wood from trees R. had cut down, and some of them held A. They brought a really extremely cute sweater for A. from Land's End. L. came by with her kids, who had reasonable amounts of fun playing with the sea of plastic toys which is our living room. L. also brought disposable diapers; thank you L.!

B.-who-watches-T. came by around dinner time so we could actually have dinner. That was very nice.

T. continues to treat A. extremely well. He checks in on her when he's in the house and has taken to saying, "That's baby", altho the pronunciation is a little idiosyncratic.

The left boob is fully recovered but now, the right boob is getting somewhat engorged. So far, both T. and A. have been able to latch, so I have not yet resorted to ice packs/pump/etc.

I think last night was growth spurt #1 -- lots and lots and lots of cluster feeds. Eventually, R. swaddled her and I nursed her to sleep lying next to her (which is still No Fun For Me At All -- I don't get all these people who said they learned side-lying after having a c-section). That got me 4 hours, and then we stayed in bed all morning napping; I got up around 1 p.m.

ETA: Don't think I mentioned the staples were removed on Friday and I'm going in on Monday to have a little look-see and make sure everything continues well.

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