walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

assorted movie reviews/comments

Hoodwinked: gave up about 15 maybe 20 minutes in. I don't get what the appeal is. The music, in particular, I found really annoying.

Shrek the 3rd: What's up with the bottles? Come on! It's always fun to see a franchise tackle parenting; I particularly liked the baby shower with all the princesses. Can't you just see the marketing potential in about 10ish years for Disney Princess themed wedding/baby showers? A little frightening, sure. And, honestly, probably the merch is already out there. I'm always behind.

Casino Royale: (1) Dude is hot. (2) Love the on-foot chase scenes. (3) OMG that is some brutality. This is more than a return to early Connery -- this kind of stuff would never have made it past the censors decades ago. I actually kept thinking while watching it, I do _not_ want my children seeing this. I normally don't care at all (altho I had the same thought about TrueBlood).

Fracture: I hadn't seen a suspense film in a while. It started turning into a watch-the-hypercompetent-hero-fall-apart study at one point which annoyed me. But he did get his act together. I did not see the twist BUT I bet a lot of suspense junkies would have thought it very obvious.

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