walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

breastfeeding and other postpartum TMI

Once again, you have been warned.

Between some pumping, some toddler nursing, some ice packs and even a few cabbage leaves -- but most importantly, due to time passing -- the painfully engorged boob is Much Better and I am optimistic that it will be more or less normal in the next day or so.

Tomorrow is 1 week since A. was born; I haven't had any lochia to speak of for a day or so (well, I suppose what I'm seeing now is lochia alba -- does that even count?). And we'd probably better get those staples out tomorrow while we're at it.

Child care for today canceled, but B. called and asked if we wanted her to come by in the late afternoon, which was quite fantastic. C. left late in the morning, so we actually got a lot of help today. If no one cancels tomorrow, we have two people showing up, which means R. might actually get a bike ride. Which would be awesome all around.

Obviously, recovery is going to take weeks yet, but it's a whole lot easier since I'm not anemic this time around. Also, I'm making a much more concerted effort to be lazy.

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