walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

colds and nursing TMI

We all seem to have caught a cold. T. sounds particularly bad, but it has had no noticeable impact on his energy levels, possibly because my milk came in in record time (and there was an unholy amount of colostrum anyway) and he's been nursing quite freely. A. is sneezing and coughing, but not nearly as much as she is hiccuping. We know she's getting enough, because we're already done with the meconium and onto green, breastfed baby poop.

And I'm already having to manage overly warm engorged breast. Yes, singular. T. and A. (and in this context, extra special hilarious) have kept the other one mostly under control, but the left one ("bad boob" from when T. was under a year) has once again expanded entirely too far. After a shower, some pumping, hand expression, and two little ones failed to get it under control (not to mention the ibuprofen I'm taking for pain anyway), I've resorted to ice packs. They seem to be helping.

Midwife comes out for a weight check tomorrow; maybe she'll have more ideas. Altho given how much I know about this subject, I am not optimistic.

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