walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

no baby, prenatal update

Went to acupuncture again, then a prenatal. Poor R. is very stressed because he had to deal with T. at the appointment. Nice to know T. doesn't save up all this activity just for me.

Everything is just fine. We're just running right up against the calendar at this point. So we're starting the process of scheduling a section (*sigh*). The place the midwives recommend is a bit of a drive (same place, same doctor as the VBAC consult), but they don't have a nursery, unlike the closer places. Which is good; people who have nurseries tend to want to use them. A lot. No scheduled slot yet, because the person who owns the schedule went home already; maybe we'll know tomorrow. We're trying for Thursday or Friday.

So, once again, on the clock. We've been down _exactly_ this path before. I keep telling myself that in terms of starting labor in time, things worked great last time. And this baby is in a better position than T. was, which would imply a shorter, less-painful labor.

Think good thoughts my way.

My mother-in-law arrives tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. and can stay through Sunday; my sister-in-law can potentially help out Fri-Sun. Things could all come together in a truly beautiful, logistically amazing way. They could. Really.

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