walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Toddler Fun: Smoke Alarms

We have newer smoke alarms. They get set off every time we turn the oven off if it hasn't been cleaned Very Recently, and of course every time someone lets something brown a bit too much on the stove. These are the first security/safety devices I found so annoying that I wanted to turf them out entirely (previously, I'd been unsympathetic to people who defied safety systems).

The previous smoke alarms had been susceptible to spiders crawling in, dying and setting them off. These ones have a spider cage around the relevant bit. Yet somehow, last night, it went off. Was it fog rolling in from outside? Smoke from the neighbor's outdoor fire? Or one of the ants or the spider we found dead or dying inside the alarm when it was opened up?

Either way, because of the way these things work, that one alarm set off a house full of alarms and, needless to say, it being 11ish at night, woke T. up. He can sleep through one, but this was ridiculous. And, expectably, he was restless the rest of the night. Altho to be fair, that might have been because he was overtired.

He's figured out how to back the balance bike up really fast. As in, moving very quickly. He'll run you down if you don't get out of the way.

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