walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Hank and Ben: Dick's new hand puppets

One of the provisions of the plan (in addition to no oversight or review, and handing over $700 billion to dole out as they please) allows Treasury to hire anyone they like, including private contractors, to figure out how to implement this turd.

Maybe Blackwater will get the deal in a no-bid contract.

Or Halliburton.

We're going to find out later that basically this song-and-dance is an excuse to pay off anyone who didn't get adequately paid off over the last 8 years, and might be thinking about selling a book about whatever it is they know.

ETA: I now feel like letting Lehman go under is not unlike taking someone out back, shooting him, and then displaying the body along with a rousing, "We must find this poor man's murderer!"

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