walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

no baby yet

I was a little concerned last night, because I let T. play outside and then in the garage until it was quite dark (maybe 7:30 or so). He was really pissy when I finally dragged him inside. Also, cold and grubby. There was much tantrumy crying while we attempted to get food and drink in him, clean him up at least a little. He wanted to go to bed (altho not, immediately, to sleep), so that wasn't a struggle. After he fell asleep, I sort of braced myself for a repeat of a night a few days ago when he woke up repeatedly and eventually got up Way Too Early (last Tuesday night, IIRC, just in time to guarantee I was really pathetically emotional and weepy for my prenatal). But no, he slept through without switching beds (I opted for the twin futon) until well after 8 a.m., when the alarm on my smart phone started going off to tell me the carpenter might shortly arrive to work on the rotted wood around our front door. I may need to adjust some defaults on that thing. (The phone, not the door, the wood or the carpenter. Who, I might add, _actually showed up_. And it looks like the rot is not too severe.)
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