walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Toddler Fun: Balance Bike, hey, try not to do the crazy crazy

Today, T. was doing what he did yesterday, which is coast the balance bike down the driveway. Initially, he seemed happy scaring the bejeepers out of B., who was just learning that he could do this. Later on, he extended that fun by scaring the bejeepers out of _me_ and R., because he started experimenting with _not slowing down_. He ran into the stone wall (as in, turned into the back-around, went over the little sandpile and rammed into the classic New England stone wall). He ran into the propane tank. He ran into the Fit.

This is ridiculous. He never hurt himself particularly (not even as much of a scrape as yesterday, and those didn't even bleed), but we're like, dude, put your feet down and slow down before you hit something. R. showed him the handbrake, but we're not convinced his hand is big enough to use it yet. We started actively praising him when he turned uphill to slow down before hitting something, or put his feet down to Fred-Flintstone brake, or dodge an obstacle or whatever. This seemed to influence his choices (altho maybe he was just running out of new things to experiment with hitting to see if those were fun ways to stop).

I shudder to think what's next.

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