walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

they made a _movie_ of WTO/Seattle?

You are kidding me.

That's ridiculous.

And it has Charlize Theron in it.

Words fail.

I was there (for day 1 -- I don't believe in attending Let's-Get-Arrested-Day for any event). I walked there, because there was no way I was going to drive and park my car in the middle of that crap. And I brought my gun (hey! I was legal -- I had a carry permit). We had cell phones and walkie talkies and a group that sort of split up and regrouped periodically. We had water bottles and wool scarves for the gas. We were not part of anything organized; we were Tourists. But we were informed tourists, and we got to talk to a couple of German delegates.

It was nice. I had so much fun I went back the next year for the anniversary and my cell phone interfered with the speakers on the carousel so I got to broadcast a bit before they switched it off (or switched frequencies or whatever). Not intentional -- as far as I'm concerned, they highjacked my personal call. So I returned the favor.

Just another one of those, I went to the riot and carefully skirted the Bad Bits. I am, at times, startled by how many times I've carefully skirted the bad bits of a riot.

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