walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

flu shots for pregnant women! Oh, _that's_ a good idea

NEJM study, done on pregnant Bangladeshis (because _that_ is exactly the right population for modeling impact on US women, for example), some who received a flu shot in the third trimester and some who did not. They then tracked which babies were more likely to have a lab-confirmed flu and saw that the babies whose mothers were vaccinated were less likely to have a lab-confirmed flu.

So many things wrong with this.

(1) Because honest, those women and children _aren't getting enough mercury_ damnit! We need to make sure they get enough.

(2) Among the organizations funding the study: Wyeth, Sanofi. Wonder what _they_ do?

Well, I realize it has been a few years, and there's been a _lot_ of other excitement in the meantime, but let's not lose track of the fact that Wyeth's travails with the flu vaccine (injectable and other) have been extensive. They've had quality control problems. They've sold expired vaccines because they couldn't move them fast enough. Given the timing on when this research was done, it sure _looks_ like it is/was part of Wyeth's efforts to generate new markets for something that More and More People Did Not Want.

Sanofi makes a flu vaccine, too.

Gee, it's not like that might have anything to do with anything, hunh?


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