walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

medical home article at NEJM


And it's by Elliott Fisher! I luuuurrvvv Fisher. Well, I don't know him, but this is the guy I stumbled across when I was pregnant with T., shocked by what the medical system did to pregnant women, and starting to get an inkling about just how pathetic the medical system was to everyone, not just women and their babies. He's also the guy who recommended H. Gillbert Welch's _Should I Be Tested for Cancer_, which I also luuuuuurrrrvv.

I kept running across the term "medical home" and wasn't entirely certain what it meant, other than electronic medical records, which I am more or less in favor of, altho of course there are interoperability issues, and privacy issues which as near as I can tell are both woefully under-addressed. Surprise. This article is a nice survey of how the idea of a medical home came into existence, what its promise is in terms of improving care for people with _chronic_ problems, and whether it can fulfill the high expectations in terms of saving money that a lot of people and organizations seem to have pinned to it.

It's not very long, and access is free. Fisher is always readable. Highly recommended (hat tip the Health Report blog over on WSJ for pointing to this).

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