walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

not in labor, thus, no baby

R.'s dad's b-day is today, so he'd really like it (I just got off the phone with him) if A. was born today. I told him there was another 4 hours for it to happen . . . but it probably wouldn't.

I'm not dilated at all. This is the first pelvic by this midwife; she decided to do a little bone-check while she was at it. Like everyone else who has ever checked my pelvis for any reason, she agrees there's every reason to believe there's plenty of room for a kid to get through that space. Even a big baby. So that's good; it's never good when the birth attendant is having doubts.

On an unrelated topic, Jackson is another one of those irritating people who are opposed to swaddling. Really annoying.

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