walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Companies Not to Hire

I think we all know the joke about not going to a dentist whose last name is Payne, or any homonym thereof (and yes, I know people _who have_ gone to dentists with such a last name and had very good experiences).

Not too long ago, there was a big, bad, nasty fire in NYC, which has been the subject of an ongoing investigation. The building in question, the Deutsche Bank Building, had been damaged some years ago in an incident that will live on in our collective memory for a long, long time. The city hired someone to dismantle it. The way in which it was being dismantled violated a number of regulations, laws and general principles of good practice in such a matter. The company hired to do the work?

The John Galt Corporation.

What reasonable bureaucracy or other agency of the government (and, in particular, a democratic government), would hire the John Galt Corporation (I know nothing about the specifics of the company -- only the source of their name) to do anything? (a) It is expectable that they will trust no one's judgment but their own, which will be far worse than questionable and (b) given the least cause, or none at all, they will work to sabotage any endeavor engaged in by any collective group.

The mind boggles.

Words fail.

Needless to say, I'm no fan of Ayn Rand.


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