walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

tenant overstaying lease, landlady has started to take action

Today, R. swapped with his Friday off. We went to Groton for acupuncture, where I was heavily flattered by the Nice Lady with the Needles. I felt very calm after leaving, but no action. In fact, probably less Braxton-Hicks than the last few days. *shrug* We made another appointment for Monday.

After checking in at home, R. and I went to Milford Fish for lunch. Fried yummy goodness.

Then I went for a walk, which I haven't been doing for a while, on the theory that following a toddler around up and down stairs is exercise enough. The walk was at Camp Tevya. It was nice. I did not do the whole thing, but probably a couple miles.

R., meanwhile, took T. down to Kimball Farms. It's like papa and toddler have this whole other life together. It involves ice cream.

When they got back, we all went to the midwives, where R. chased T. around and dropped in briefly. No particular news there. No one expects this baby in the next couple days, but everyone remains optimistic that A. will emerge within the next weekish.

I'm clearly at the point where when I call people, I need to start the conversation by telling them that there is no news, because I don't get to talk about anything else _until_ that bit is communicated.

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