walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

bassinet recall expanding? or, why we view graco with deep suspicion

Well, I view the entire mid-market baby gear thing with deep suspicion.

Simplicity went out of business with a bassinet with a bad design. They did a recall. They went bankrupt. Their assets were bought, but the company which bought them didn't feel any particular responsibility to continue the recall effort. It's a bit of a scandal over at CPSC, but given the string of scandals at the CPSC, one could certainly be excused for just kind of ignoring it.

But some people did not ignore it, because they thought some of those bassinets were sold under another brand, a brand which still existed and had not done a recall yet. They asked the CPSC about this. They got blown off. They did some sleuthing.

Naughty, naughty Graco. And, of course, naughty CPSC. Neither of these is, of course, much of a surprise.


Nevertheless, scandalous. And, IMO, a solid argument in favor of moses baskets and cosleeping. At least there I can figure out what the risk is.

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