walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

child passes tests but as yet unborn

Non stress test indicates a really healthy baby (surprise). Ultrasound report apparently went to my primary care physician (who I have never actually met) rather than to the midwives who requested it. Short conversation on phone with midwife day of said everything is normal.

Next up: acupuncture at 4 p.m. If only we could instill in the bebe a sense of timeliness.

If a couple days of acupuncture do not work, Wednesday is castor oil day. Chocolate soy milk shake form supposedly stays down better than OJ or with eggs.

I'm getting weird BP measurements, so they're doing a liver baseline, but we don't think it's preeclampsia because a reading lying down is completely normal. I gave in on the Group Beta Strep culture, since it's looking more and more likely that we'll wind up in hospital with an induction.

Pelvic says more anterior, softer and really very effaced, but still only about 2 cm.
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