walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

prenatal canceled, A.'s arrival still delayed until further notice, not ascended yet

Some Other Mother was having her (homebirth) baby and therefore the midwife was Busy. Rescheduled to tomorrow afternoon (the prenatal, not the baby!). R. will be swapping his Friday-off for a Thursday-off so he can listen to a presentation by the CEO (!!) on Friday. Should be interesting. In the meantime, he's available for the prenatal, and the morning trek down to Groton for acupuncture. Because I am Impatient, I left a message for the midwife asking about acupuncture and evening primrose oil and got the A-OK on both.

Perhaps I'll post TMI dosing on the EPO friends only. Or maybe I'll just leave that to those who feel up to googling. ;-)

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