walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

reading _Richistan_

And it occurred to me to wonder what the current economic situation (deleveraging) is doing to Richistanis. Off to Frank's blog to see what's up. The expected cutbacks in use of private jets. Blah, blah. Then, _right_ when I'm laughing my ass off about how none of this has anything to do with me, I suddenly remember that I chartered a plane from Nashua to Albany a little over a year ago for R. and T. to go to M.'s graduation party (huge scheduling hassle associated with a wedding I was in the next day and this seemed like the easiest way to solve it).

The whole thing was so irritating on so many levels, that I'd honest to god lost track of having chartered a plane. Not that it was that expensive. But still.

That was very, very silly of me. One wonders what _else_ I do that is quite so silly.

ETA: Oh, I think I've just figured out at least one other thing I've done that is about as silly. I bought the local library a through-wall bookdrop.

ETA2: Hey, I bought rattles for both kids from that store in Parsippany. Does that count as silly? I figure the ceramic pig bank from the same store does not count, as it was a gift from someone else therefore I have no responsibility for it whatsoever.

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