walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Toddler Fun: the beat goes on in musical beds

Last night, T. slept on the twin _all night long_. He didn't go to sleep until around 10 p.m. That was an involved process in which I suggested bed, he declined, he suggested bed, we went up, took a bath, got into bed, nursed briefly, thrashed around a lot, got up, got back in, thrashed around some more, sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (we have the star turtle out, which inevitably reminds him of the song -- he's getting pretty good at singing it. He's definitely got the tune, and his enunciation of words like "wonder" is really improving every night) and generally acted very unsleepy. This was all around 8ish. I suggested he go watch TV with his papa, who was watching football. Down he went (if he's sincerely tired, he won't leave the bedroom). He sat in papa's lap for a while, acted drowsy, eventually got cranky and started demanding to go outside or go for a ride in the van or whatever. This was clearly Not In the Cards, so I suggested bed again (I'd come down for something to eat) and told him that's where I was going. And he went. And he slept. And there in stayed for the rest of the night.

All was not idyllic. I got up to pat his back a couple of times when he cried in his sleep. At one point (maybe around 5 a.m.?), I thought for sure he was going to crawl out of bed and join me. I crawled in with him for about ten minutes to warm him up, got a blanket on him, and went back to the queen. And that was basically that until 9 a.m.

He seems to really _like_ his bed, whether that's because it's new, it's smaller, it's his, it has Backyardigans sheets on it or when he's crammed in there with one of his parents it's really, really cozy. I'm sure there will be ongoing bed hopping in the days/weeks/months/years to come, but this is looking pretty promising.

This is the star turtle:


It was bought for T. by his uncle J., R.'s younger brother. While rather stunningly not the kind of thing we would ever buy, it is really, really cool.

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