walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Toddler Fun: Dentist!

If I'm posting about the history of the British Nanny, my baby is still inside.

I went out to lunch today with R. and several other people (former co-workers, etc.). Everyone kept asking where we'd left T. We'd dropped him with B. for a couple hours, but I joked that we'd left him at the dentist. I'm not sure if no one heard me or no one thought it was funny.

T. really did have his first outing to the dentist and the dentist was _awesome_. R. has been concerned about T.'s teeth not being straight enough. The dentist is concerned about crowding. I'm like, guys, they're gorgeous. Quit freaking worrying about it.

No cavities. We're supposed to try to floss his teeth. Yeah right. Whatever.

After running around a bunch in the lobby, we walked him back to the Fancy Chair to have his teeth cleaned. He was willing to get in the chair if he could have booby chair (nurse in the chair). We did that for a while, then he wanted to explore the various sinks. The dentist was way cool about that and showed him how to operate the foot pedal on one of them. Further, the dentist _suggested_ having Teddy lay on top of one of us in the chair while having his teeth cleaned, and was only concerned about whether that would work with me (I'm not really huge, since I'm nominally due in less than a week). Lots of patience, good tone of voice, really willing to explain everything to T. and work around the squirming. R. held a hand mirror so T. could see. T., of course, wanted to use the tooth polisher himself after a few minutes which was not so okay, but he did not make a huge deal of it. I found this utterly stunning since the last few days have been one tantrum after another. To be fair, those tantrums have mostly been in the evening with no naps and this all happened in the morning.

He fell asleep on the way home after we picked him up post-lunch and stayed asleep for over an hour. He's in a _much_ better mood.

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