walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Steingraber's tour of prenatal care

In the course of _Having Faith_, Steingraber gets prenatal care in a variety of geographic locations (Illinois, Boston, Alaska), mostly from OB/GYNs, altho there was one woman in Alaska who I think may have been a midwife. That care provider had the least gear, was clearly the most competent and who did the least to further arouse the author's already substantial anxiety. When the author stops feeling as much movement in the third trimester, she goes in for a non-stress test and one of the theories for why she isn't feeling movement that appears to be happening is that the baby may have turned OP from ROT (my summary). What no one bothers to mention is, yay, happy, happy. The baby is working her way 'round to the best possible position for delivery. With any luck, she'll be LOT next and you'll be feeling those kicks on the other side.

There's all this data here (like, it was brutally obvious she was feeling hiccups, but despite her extensive reading of pregnancy and obstetrics books, she didn't realize that) that's just begging for better interpretation. Is this an authorial choice? Or did she really keep running into people who were Just Not Helpful?

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