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I have a question. Perhaps someone will find me an answer.

Once upon a time, back in 1994, a bunch of Clinton administration folk got into some serious hot water over failure to pay taxes on/for their child care. Zoe Baird was only the most conspicuous of these. While the NYT then (and, to a large degree, now) sucks, here is their coverage of some of it:


Here's my question. Let's say you have two parents. And 4 children who are Not Yet Adults, including one infant (with disability) who is a few months old. Let's further say that both parents work full time, one of them (at least) probably a lot more than 40 hours a week. And let's further assume that the 3 children who are _not_ infants are all attending school at least part of the time (otherwise, you might argue that the remaining kids are caring for the infant -- dodgy, but possible).

Who is taking care of the infant? Because surely, someone is.

Is that person being paid?

If so, are their taxes being paid?

In the wake of the mid '90s scandals, some efforts were made to make it easier to pay taxes on domestic help such as in home child care, and to clarify when you didn't have to. It's not too bad now, actually -- a matter of doing quarterlies, perhaps, and One More Form once a year. Certainly a lot less than what you have to do as a small business (no withholding, for example, altho there may additionally be responsibility to your state for unemployment taxes and thus Still More Forms).

I think these are reasonable questions to ask. There are several issues here, after all. One is the simple matter of complying with the law, which I think it is not unreasonable to expect of elected officials (altho I'm also quite okay with letting people who haven't been complying to catch up). Another is a matter of walking the walk -- if you belong to Feminists for Life, and you really and truly believe that women shouldn't have to choose between career and family, child care is an obvious issue that must crop up sooner or later. While it might be too much to ask a conservative Republican to subsidize child care for those in need, it is not too much to ask a conservative Republican who (presumably) is making some use of child care to explain what that is, and whether the law is being complied with. Among other things, I, for one, would like to know that if child care has been hired, that an I-9 form was filled out by that child care.

After all, illegal immigration is another hot button conservative Republican issue this election season.

FWIW, the Obamas have already had profiles in major news outlets about how they are handling child care.

ETA: And furthermore, I was pretty opposed to the whole Edwards thing because I figured if your spouse is dealing with breast cancer and/or its aftermath, Family Comes First. And I say that recognizing full well that the spouse dealing with the aftermath came out publicly saying it was a family decision to run.

ETA2: Really annoying coverage. This is NOT a mommy issue much less a mommy wars issue:


I'm trying to remember the last president who had really little littles in the White House. I'm coming up with Kennedy. And I'm no fan of him.

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