walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Talaris article about older sib/new baby


This is better than average, altho I will note that you have to pay _very_ close attention. When they say "older children" shortly after talking about 0-4 year olds, they do _not_ mean 4 year olds. I'm not entirely certain what they mean, but they definitely mean > 4 year olds.

This appears to be part of the Social Ventures thing started by the McCaws, a bunch of people from Microsoft and assorted others (run out of Laurelhurst, which I find really, really funny for some reason). Think: geeky white people who had their kids comparatively late and are still really geeky about the whole thing. But without becoming APers. Good to great, within certain parameters. They do not advocate lying to the toddler. They are not obviously heterocentric (altho they do assume hospital birth). They do assume more than one involved parent. They have citations at the end.

Looks like a worthwhile operation in a variety of ways.
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