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From an MLS listing for a house we are interested in in Acton, which recently expired:

"This one won't last!"

And yet, it did. Despite at least one price change down that we noticed. It lasted until it expired. Bet we'll see it relisted soon at a still lower price.

From the Boston Globe, yet another article about why you shouldn't trade in your guzzler on a car that gets better gas mileage:


Their calculations assume average number of miles driven per year at 15K, which while a little higher than what I've been using, is totally inadequate to capture the number of miles driven by your typical desperate-to-trade-in-person. I'm running into a lot of anecdotes in the 30-40K/year range. And I'm seeing used car listings for year old Fits at current list price -- with 30-40K on them. Their calculations also assume today's gas price lasting for however long it takes to payout (based on fuel savings alone, ignoring differential maintenance, licensing, insurance, tax costs. And let me tell you, your typical high gas mileage vehicle wins on _all_ of those compared to a typical guzzler.).

R. notes that over the history of gas prices, assuming today's gas price will be the future gas price is the most accurate prediction. Which is true. But it's clear to me (altho apparently not to economist-thinkers like whoever keeps writing these turds) that at this point in time, applying the lessons of the overall history of gas prices is, perhaps, not to the point.

Oh, and one more, from a video of Chertoff on nola.com: some New Orleans hospitals (unspecified as to which ones, but I'm assuming Charity and wherever its interim home is) that had planned to shelter in place have decided (today? late last night?) to evacuate some of their most critical patients, and this has impacted scheduling at the airport. Nice, that they showed some late breaking sense. I get that they can't afford anything anyway, so they were really hoping the storm would die down and/or miss them entirely. But geez. That place apparently floods whenever there's a lot of rain.

ETA: Here's why I assume it is Charity/University that changed their mind:


I haven't figured out how to link to the Chertoff video. You know me. I'm not up on the intartubes.

ETA2: Here's the AP story on the briefing that I saw video of over at nola.com (on the current home page, but I can't find it in their videos section).


No name given of hospitals in this coverage either. Some photos of Chertoff at the airport, but I'm not seeing a link to the video here.

ETA3: Okay, you can try this for the Chertoff video.


That's evil, so you can also try this:

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