walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Alabama state employees health insurance cost sharing


This is not the most detailed, but it looks like the best coverage I've seen so far.

Short form: Alabama has decided to do something about the high cost of providing health care at no cost (in terms of premium) to its single employees (people with a family enrolled do pay a bit more for spouse and/or kids). They're go to have everyone either pony up $25/month, or go get screened. If the screening (glucose, cholesterol, BP, BMI) looks bad, employee gets a year to improve it. If they fail to make "progress" (unclear what that means), they get to pony up $25/month.

Given what everyone _else_ is having to pay for health insurance? SO seems like a good idea. However, people have really focused in on that obesity number, despite the fact that Alabama opted for a pretty durn conservative BMI break point of 35.

(Check for yourself what that would mean: http://www.consumer.gov/weightloss/bmi.htm)

Whatever. I'd have more issues with the cholesterol number, honestly. Making someone pony up extra for a genetic condition they've already moved heaven and earth to mitigate seems a little mean, but I'm guessing there's some wiggle room in this system somewhere.
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