walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

38 weeks and counting: still not ascended, no baby yet

Reviewing my 2005 posts, it's interesting to note that at this point in the pregnancy both times I weighed within a pound the same. Given the drastic difference in starting weight, I think that's kind of funny. It might or might not mean anything, but it's definitely funny.

I had monkey labor earlier with T. (just finally started last night for real with A.), and T. dropped later (A. dropped a weekish or more ago; T. dropped right about now). All these calculations based on LMP, not on when the baby was actually born (since I don't know that for A. yet).

I finally packed my bag for the birth center last night, or at any rate, mostly. There are still things that need to get wedged in there that I should probably be running through the wash right now, also there's R.'s stuff and snacks and so forth. I'm really hoping A. holds off until Friday at least (who are we kidding? She'll probably make an appearance about a month from now) so C. will be available to come entertain T. J. is available currently, but she has to go to a day job now and I'd feel bad keeping her up all night.

New child care J. (J2?) convinced T. to get in the car and go for a ride to the store with her and her kids. I think he likes her, and her kids are quite amazing with him -- not aggressively in his face at all, but showing interest in a low-key way. Cat-manners. Good stuff.

ETA: Contractions this time are a little odd. Around 4:30 or so in the afternoon yesterday, I had a couple of really strong ones and thought I was about to throw up. T. was willing to come inside and come up and lay down with me for quiet time for a half hour and that seemed to help a lot. I do not recall that happening and did not mention it in my posts, but that's not the best evidence that it didn't happen before.

ETA2: I'm really glad not to be having the carpal tunnel problems I had last time.
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