walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Toddler Fun: a paragraph, and a new bed

Today, Monday, R. went to work, but J. did not come by at 10 a.m. She won't be coming any more since she started a Real Job at a school (well, she starts tomorrow). B. (previous child care) came by a little after noon so I could drive way far away for an appointment. T. seemed okay with this. Now that he's talking more, he's less frustrated and more able to convey to her what he wants and doesn't want. Also, we've insisted on no other kids on the days she is with T.

But when T. and I were outside in the driveway, T. said, "Papa Blue Car. Say Bye Papa. No Jane." which as near as I can tell was, hey, dad left, but J. did not come. What's up? And I'm a little sad. I confirmed that this indeed had happened, and added that B. would be by a little later.

It was almost a conversation.

R. moved the twin sized futon from the office to the bedroom with the mattress-on-the-floor. Our theory is that this will make the transition to new-baby-in-bed-with-mama a lot easier (I'm reluctant to have T. and the baby in the bed at the same time; T. can be pretty rambunctious). We put the Backyardigans sheets on the bed and I nursed him briefly in the bed and R. and I took turns laying down next to him (squished, but cozy) until he fell asleep.

It's almost like he's really growing up. It _feels_ like we've had him long enough that he should be headed off to college any day now, so don't be thinking that I'm saying this goes by so fast because I still think that's a load of the brown and stinky. But it definitely feels like he's growing up.

For reasons best known to T., he is completely fascinated by elbows currently.
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