walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

home repair woes

Earlier this summer, we had a contractor come out and bid a bunch of work on the house. They were initially non-responsive, but when they produced a very well-priced bid and we'd seen their work elsewhere and hired them. The prep and paint was good. The work on a door that had some rust was not good (totally inadequate). And then they just stopped showing up. As in, carpenter was due with the replacement door to the deck early in _JULY_ and I started calling weekly and nothing. Same message on the machine. No phone calls back (I called seven times, leaving names, numbers, address, detailed questions, you name it).

Last week I got names from a friend in town for contractor/carpenters to tackle the door job. R., in the meantime, had done the bulkhead door and sealed the deck, so it was basically the slider, the door with the rust/rot, some trim that rotted etc. Ultimately, we'll need new gutters, but we'll have a gutter company do those. I call one of the names Sunday evening and he's supposed to call me today/afternoon/evening (which in the event he did not) about the slider. And Monday _morning_, our original contractor calls to grovel with some incomprehensible story about family in Bermuda and passport troubles.

Which prevented you from having someone update the message on your voicemail/answering machine? I'd been checking the local papers for notices that one or more of these guys was dead or in jail.

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