walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Nora Roberts, Irish Trilogy

_Jewels of the Sun_

In which the oldest Gallagher sibling, Aidan, meets Jude from Chicago who is renting the cottage. She has abruptly quit her job as a psychology professor and taken six months off in Ireland to visit her roots. It's a romance novel, so she'll find love. It's La Nora, so she'll work through her Issues from the Past (a very brief starter marriage, a poor career choice and a whole lotta insecurity) and Develop Close Friendships with the women who will be romantic leads in the rest of the trilogy.

Did I mention the ghost in the cottage? The fairy prince? No? Gosh. Dunno how that happened. I probably didn't mention the big ole diamond, either, hunh?

I picked up this trilogy because after reading the Three Sister Island books, I was damn certain the previous La Nora books I'd read had a whole lot in common. And these were those books. I don't know if I read the entire trilogy the first time around, or just entry three. I think just entry three.

_Tears of the Moon_

In which the second Gallagher boy, Shawn, dreamer, composer and lyricist, is confronted by his lifelong friend Brenna (carpenter and jack of all trades). Perhaps I should say, propositioned. He is quite surprised and handles it poorly. A business opportunity associated with the bar appears in this middle entry, and Brenna figures out a way to coerce Shawn into marketing his music. Sort of.

I refuse to say anything further about Gwen or Carrick, much less his flying horse. Please. I will make passing mention of the Big Ole Pearl.

_Heart of the Sea_

In which the third Gallagher child, Darcy, and the business opportunity associated with the bar, dance around each other in a really silly way. There's a trip to London that is cut short (and given it was only a weekend, that's saying something; La Nora _really_ doesn't like separating the couple from the support network). There's a trip to New York that doesn't happen. And there is a precipitous birth that is handled in a so-so way (as in, people sort of forget about the placenta. Nice. No risk of bleeding involved in that, right?).

Needless to say, once Darcy and Trevor declare their undying love, or some close simulation thereof, Gwen and Carrick are seen on that flying horse that I really cannot have anything more to do with.

ETA: There's a sapphire. Ignore it. I was planning on doing so.

Look. It's a Nora Roberts trilogy. It's fun. Don't ask for anything more complicated and it'll all turn out just fine.

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