walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A friend sent me this:


About how if your dopamine receptors are screwed up in a particular way, you are (a) more likely to be unable to stop smoking (and other Very Bad Addictions) and (b) less likely to learn from your financial mistakes. Among other things.

Bizarrely enough, apparently Jay Belsky is being rehabilitated by his interpretation of similar research in the context of parenting. Further details will have to await me actually sleeping (yeah, I should do that now. Really).


Here, the rationale is that some kids, you just don't have that much influence over. Which is a damn fine message for Belsky's renascence. But let's not forget: he originally was a big believer that care of very young children by people other than the mother had no real impact on the kiddies. It was when he _switched_ from that position that he started having Major Career Woes. Watch this man carefully over the next few years. I give it 50-50 odds that he'll blow this one, too.

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