walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

tummy time blog entry at Newsweek

You _know_ this is going to be me going wtf?


Here are the bits that got me:

"Gillham: Why is tummy time important for babies?
Jennings: All development comes from the tummy position."

Jennings does a last minute, inadequate save by adding later on: "Babies don’t have to use their muscles if they’re sitting in a car seat. They don’t have to use muscles if they’re in a swing or a bouncer seat."

Here's another one: "Tummy time needs to be scheduled just like diaper changes, feedings and naps."
Really? I thought you changed diapers when they are wet, feed the kid when the kid is hungry and let the kid fall asleep when tired. What's up with the scheduling thing? Here's the clarification: "Babies should have one to two minutes of tummy time after every nap, diaper change and feeding, throughout the day." You have _got_ to be kidding me. Wake up the kid who fell asleep at the boob for tummy time? Doesn't that violate the back to sleep rule? Kid wakes up from nap hungry and you're going to put the kid down on the floor for a couple minutes to let the kid scream in frustration? I think not.

To be fair, again with the last minute save: the final two paragraphs describe tummy time on your lap, or with the babe on the babe's side, or tummy time on mama's chest.

If they really are seeing the kind of developmental delays described, I suppose something needs to be done. But this just strikes me as massively foreign. OTOH, I've only had one kid, and T. is a bit of a freak of nature when it comes to gross motor stuff.

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