walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

early b-day present for T.

I ordered him a Kettler pedal-less bike (think: likeabike, but not laminated wood and much, much less expensive). He has a lot of fun on a Little Tikes rideon toy our neighbor got him over a year ago, and also on his tricycle, which we have not yet been able to convince him to pedal. On the premise that he might as well learn the balance park of bicycling, if he won't go near the pedals anyway, I bought this thing. We also figured he had a good sense of balancing on a bike from the Bike Tutor.

Fortunately, R. assembled it.

T. was instantly fascinated and spent a good chunk of the evening (a) interfering with R.'s efforts to finish assembling it and adjust the seat to the right height (so he can sit but have his feet flat on the ground) and (b) riding it in circles around the house.

Even slacker-mama that I am (I'll bring the Little Tikes rideon upstairs to play on if he asks; R. _hates_ this and he has a good point. It would be Very Bad if he fell down the stairs), I will not let him take this sucker upstairs. He tried, but didn't persist.

Very cute. Totally lost it after a while, he was so tired. But a hugely successful toy. You could _see_ him go from just assuming he could lean to the side, like on the trike, to Not Doing That Any More. There really is nothing quite so cool as nailing the developmentally appropriate toy. Usually, I hand him something that frustrates the heck out of him and he screams a lot. Not this time.

Happy Birthday, T.! Can't wait to see what you do with it on the driveway, where his trike and the rideon are favorites to go up the slight hill of the driveway and coast down. I wonder if he'll be able to balance on this thing with his feet up?

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