walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

PSA testing, obesity: news catches up with a decade plus of solid research


Tara Parker-Pope covered the new guidelines recently, and the comments thread was obscenely vicious to her/the guidelines. Mostly a bunch of bat-shit crazy ignoramuses (shall I tell you how I _really_ feel?) who don't get The Cascade in any form. She's made a second, valiant effort here to address the issues. I'm guessing it won't work much better than previous efforts, but she deserves applause anyway.


Lots of sources for secondary coverage of these two articles; none of them particularly spectacular and the editorial accompanying the original research articles has some very clear problems (NO! We MUST panic about BMI! We must!).

Take away is straightforward: being overweight or obese may be a risk "factor", but that doesn't make you unhealthy or even say anything about whether you're about to become unhealthy. Location of excess fat, however, might be interesting; the German study in particular notes that fatty liver is bad, maybe worse than visceral fat in general.
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