walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

last night's daily show, Oedipus, and Barbara

Jon Stewart was talking about the origin of the ANWR drilling ban and the current crumbling of resistance to offshore drilling even among folk who ought to know better (and that would _include_ McCain). After pointing out this started with an executive order from Bush Sr., he then said:

"If daddy wants one thing, you know Oedipus wants the opposite" followed shortly by "Oooh all the mythology students are freaking out."

Well, YEAH Jon, we're freaking out.

(a) The deal with Oedipus? It wasn't about wanting the opposite. It was about wanting the _same_ thing. In incompatible competition.

(b) Including a particular woman.

Which in the parallel case would be Barbara.

YEAH we're all freaking out. Depending on your perspective, it's because you read that myth wrong (and we're being pedantic a-holes) or we read that myth right and threw up. And not just a little bit in our mouth, either.
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