walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

No baby yet

R. and I walked around Green Lake today, considerably faster than the last time I went with him and M. -- got all the way around in less and an hour and a half. Crew races in progress, so lots of people. Kinda warm. My hands got really puffy and my feet were pretty bad, but they went down again fast after, so apparently this exercise thing is really working for me right now.

Bizarrely enough, since yesterday evening, very, very few contractions. Not sure what that means. Kid's moving and I feel just fine (obviously, or I'd never have made it around the lake), so no worries.

Oh, and the mild nesting continues in the form of online shopping for baby gear. Today's efforts include some cloth baby wipes and snappis, a mesh guard rail for the bed (since after looking very closely at the Arm's Reach products and Baby Bunk and being unable to find anything better, we've decided definitively against stuff that attaches to the bed) and a washable, reusable soaker pad (because I Believe in Bodily Fluids, or at least that we should expect them, and having to change all the sheets every single time seems incredibly lame).

And under the heading of probably too silly for words, a SnuggleWool.

R.'s dad called today at a reasonable hour (and, bonus, we were already awake from a previous wrong number phone call), asked after the baby, told some stories about himself and his siblings and their sizes (Y., R.'s largest aunt, was also the biggest of the family, clocking in at 12 lb 9 oz), noted that R.'s mom (and her generation in general) starved themselves to avoid gaining weight while pregnant and that this was not a great idea and generally behaved in a charming and civilized manner. Very nice.
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