walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

prenatal update

35 weeks and the next appointment will be, as I suspected, in 2 weeks, not in 1 week.

I went back and reread my (wow, much shorter and less frequent) blog for the month or two leading up to T.'s birth. If I knew then what I know now about fetal positioning, I'd have been seriously panicked about T.'s position (ROA). But I didn't. Oh well. The good news is that A. seems to have settled in with her back to my left (so LOT or LOA depending on your perspective). And that's _really_ good news.

I've got an OB/GYN consult lined up in about 3 weeks as part of the cross the t's and dot the i's process of being a low risk VBAC. All the other stars appear to be properly aligned (kind of incision, kind of suture, only one previous C, location of the placenta). As long as things start on their own in a reasonably timely fashion and there aren't any particular surprises, things look good. Other than the consult and signing a form saying, yes, informed consent, yes, this is what I want, the process appears to be satisfied. Of course, there is the whole waiting for things to start.

In the meantime, yesterday was nightmarish. Lots of false labor. Tons of hot flashes. Just unpleasant and horrible. Also, T. and I had conflict. Today, much better. A couple friends stopped by. I chatted on the phone with K. for an hour or so. T. and I picked blueberries. All good. The running into the area that R. said stay out of it has poison ivy was a downer BUT it turns out R. killed of most of the PI so it looks like we even got away with that. Today's downside, such as it was, seems to be some mosquito bites.

Well, for _me_ that was the downside. Apparently all those police and etc cars by the parking lot for the hiking trail on conservation land off Route 13 involved a body in the woods. Not so good for that person. Or any of the official types involved in figuring out what happened and filling out paperwork and so forth.
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