walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

In Which We Did Not Die

R. decided to aggressively go after lint in the dryer today. In the course of doing so, he found a lot of soot. Once he'd shopvac'd it up, he found a sticker saying if you want to run this puppy (not their words) on liquid propane, here's the part number. R. expects the part to cost $10-$30. The installers were _supposed_ to do this work; they claimed it did not need a conversion kit, which surprised R. at the time since _every other appliance in the place_ has had to have a conversion kit installed (except the generator that just needed a setting adjusted).

I'm really trying hard to figure out what the heck it is with people installing stuff in this house after my arrival. The A/C installer attached a wire that they shouldn't have that blew a transformer. B., who installed the circuit for the chest freezer, was repeatedly non-responsive. The ducting throughout the house has needed a lot of taping because it wasn't installed well. Our painters, who did a fantastic job, have NOT been followed by the carpenter who was supposed to replace our slider and rotting wood with a french door (that would be a _month_, five unreturned phone calls, etc. later and still no action).

To be fair, the water filter installer did a good job. Our plumber Rocks.

But at some point, I just have to ask: why us? And if it's not personal, why such a poor level of service?

No wonder we all need to have carbon monoxide detectors.
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