walkitout (walkitout) wrote,


Friday evening I went to Panera Bread expecting to hang out with friends and chat about what we've been reading. I brought a book, in case someone wanted to borrow it (_Nobody's Home_, previously reviewed here favorably). When I arrived, I ordered a salad and iced tea and found the group. There were piles of wrapped packages and gift bags, which made me go immediately, whoa. "Did I forget to bring a present for some occasion?", racking my hormonally challenged brain for a birthday or something that might have slipped my mind.

Nope. This was a surprise baby shower. For moi. Or A., who currently is a tenant of my belly and who I expect to move out in a little over a month. And when I say surprise, I do mean surprise. In a good way, but I had no clue. Lots of fun! Lots of loot. Pretty clothes and lovely toys. And, of course, a chance to talk about books and gossip with people I love dearly.

Obviously, I miss all my friends who live elsewhere (and the ones who were out of town locally and unable to come), but boy, we sure had a grand time. You'd have thought it was a bar, as much laughing and loud conversation that went by over the next three hours. J., current beloved _and_ reliable caretaker of T. to preserve my sanity and good humor, set it up and told R. that it would happen, but not when. Such a sweetie.
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