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Another Day, Another Document

I had foolishly thought I would be ready to fill out my taxes after a couple statements showed up. Then the other forms started appeared. Whoops, forgot about that interest bearing checking account (not, mind you, that it earned much interest in this economic environment). I don't think I even knew that when the IRS pays interest on amounts overpaid in previous years, they then send a form so you can report that interest back to them.

It makes sense. It just looks a lot like the world-snake eating itself.

Last week, I got my license and a few other odds and ends taken care of, registering to vote on the last day before registering at the polling place. This morning, Roland and I trundled off to the Samuel Douglass Academy to fill out ballots. He has applied typical Roland systematic thinking to this as he does to nearly everything. In any given presidential election, one might want to vote as one party or the other. The most efficient solution? Register as independent, show up at the one that matters, switch, vote, and switch back while exiting.

I am in awe. Maybe I'll do that next time. Maybe everyone does this and I only just learned about it because, as a Washington State Absentee Voter, I did not participate in the culture at all.

I suppose some of the excitement must leave the state after today, and travel about the rest of the country. Not that it affected me much, because when commentators say the reporters don't travel far from the airport, they are not kidding. When the campaigns call (and my goodness do they call), most of the time it isn't even a live human being on the other end of the phone. And we still have the Patriots on Sunday to watch, one more time.

Which will leave me with my usual round of careful avoidance of non-urgent paperwork, almost-daily trips to the Y and puttering online.
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