walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

never mind Peter and Paul, why is there a surplus in the Public Transit fund?


We're driving less. We're taking public transit more. Public transit runs on fossil fuels, same as private vehicles, and they're having trouble making ends meet. There is some federal money for public transit, but apparently, we aren't spending it (I think we can guess why). Now, there isn't enough money from the gas tax for road work already committed to. Congress is proposed to use money from the general fund. Bush says he'll veto it, but will okay a transfer from public transit money to roads.

Let's just stop and think about that for a minute.

At a time when we're switching over heavily to public transit, Our Offal Leader wants to take the tiny amount of money we mark for public transit, and spend it in further subsidy of private vehicles via the road system.


Bringing Peter and Paul into the discussion, I think, obfuscates things. The correct analysis is:

Last Ditch Attempt to Subsidize Halliburton/GM/etc.
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