walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

more of the same: patients don't trust their doctors

On one level, yay!

On another leve, ho hum.


“Doctors used to be the only source for information on medical problems and what to do, but now our knowledge is demystified,” said Dr. Robert Lamberts, an internal medicine physician and medical blogger in Augusta, Ga.

I just want to know: how _old_ is Dr. Robert Lamberts? Because I'm trying to think of a time when doctors were the only source of information on medical problems and what to do. And I'm coming up with, never in _recorded_ history. I don't know much about medical doctors before people were writing shit down. Do you? I'm betting Lamberts doesn't, either.

This is right up there with, when _I_ was young, fill in the blank here. Or, in the economic framework, the recent spate of hilariously dense punditry on how at some point in the not too far distant past, no one borrowed to buy stuff. Uh hunh. Pull the other one. It's got bells on.

These have fully replaced the when _I_ was young, people didn't [name sexual practice here]. Does this mean I'm not young any more, am old, or are in some iffy territory in between?

Parker-Pope tends to be on-again off-again; this is definitely one of her off-again moments.
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