walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the _real_ reason people don't want to carpool


This is more on the US AGs firing under Gonzales. Apparently one of the AGs was fired as a result of rumors that she had a lesbian relationship. Part of the rumors circulated included as "evidence" of a relationship was that the two women commuted to work together.

Now, I have carpooled in the past (actually, in retrospect, I carpooled a _lot_ in the past, sometimes on a motorcycle -- kind of a triple threat in terms of saving gas, not to mention having a lot of fun). And that carpooling (with a man) led to rumors of a relationship. So I can't say this surprises me. Much.

But it really pisses me off. It did then. It does now. You should be able to share a _ride in a moving vehicle to and from work_ without people assuming the relationship extends to sex. Grow the fuck up people. Makes you wonder what those people think of vanpools. An orgy in the HOV lane?

And for the record? While I generally support whatever consenting adults want to do, sex in moving vehicles is Not Safe. So don't do it on public roadways.
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