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Plastic Surgery, or, I'm not a very tolerant person

And I have to say, I don't think I have a friend I wouldn't toss to the curb if they were foolish enough to request something along the lines of what was documented in this article.


Short form: brides who ask their mother, mother-in-law, maids/matrons, etc. to get boob jobs, Botox, laser treatment, etc. for the wedding. Some of the brides fork over for some of the treatments which, honestly, has _zero_ impact on my opinion of the brides in question, since it couldn't go any lower anyway.

If T. brings home someone who mentions something along these lines, it will cause major problems for me. Maybe I'll hire someone to frame the betrothed (or get real dirt on them) so T. bails. If T. (or A., when she arrives) pulls something along these lives, There Will Be Extremely Harsh Language Used. Possibly, I will thrash them, if I am still able, and their martial arts skills are inadequate to defend themselves.

This is just _not_ okay. At all.

I was reading the Kate Moss cover Vogue yesterday laughing my ass off at the articles in there about plastic surgery. For your _knees_? I mean, there are nights when Stephen Colbert isn't this funny. Not to mention obsessing about armpit flaps of skin. I took a break for a moment thinking, do you not _have_ a hobby? Oh, wait. This _is_ your hobby. And your job, after all, you got paid to write this article, presumably. There are probably women this obsessed who are _not_ getting paid for it.

Don't get me wrong. While I dislike seeing our medical system leave some people to die at a relatively youthful age due to very treatable problems because they don't have adequate health insurance or whatever, I am in general resigned to people providing services that other people are willing to pay for. I have friends and acquaintances who have had a variety of work done, and I read _Lift_ by Joan Kron (which I enjoyed, altho not as much as _Home-Psych_). As long as any boob work is done after the woman is done having children, my main remaining concern revolves around ability of the person to pay and suitability for surgery of any sort. I don't like to see people die because they had elective surgery OF ANY KIND when they were too sick to recover, and I _really_ hate to see bad docs continue to make money because the licensing/prosecution of bad docs in this country is kinda lax. I think financing plastic surgery is a bad idea, but I'm also resigned to the idea that my approach to financial planning is not compatible with most people's life goals.

Leaning on other people to have cosmetic surgery or similar done in association with a wedding, tho? So Far Beyond the Pale.
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