walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Grinch Will Steal Back to School Season

Weeks (months?) ago, I was speculating (possibly here, but definitely to my long-suffering R.) that any retailers who were hanging on by their fingernails hoping to be saved by Back to School Season (second only to Christmas for many retailers) would be doing en masse bankruptcy filings (of the liquidation, not restructuring form) shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, the punditry were still saying one of (a) the economy will tick up in the second half of the year or (b) the economy will not nose dive until after Back to School Season.

Apparently, in the interim, there have been increasingly frantic surveys and polling that can be denied less and less:


Loss leaders, free shipping from online retailers and coupons. Lots of details, and no one is forecasting doom for retailers on the edge ... yet. I mean, unless you count me.

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