walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

CO2 = CO2. Really. Source doesn't matter.

Where, oh, where is Arsenio when you need him? This is _definitely_ one of those things that makes you go, hunh?

"Mr. Burnett also said Jeffrey A. Rosen, the general counsel of the Office of Management and Budget, asked three times for separate memorandums describing why carbon dioxide molecules emitted from vehicles (already likely to be subject to regulation) could not be distinguished from CO2 molecules emitted from power-plant smokestacks (whose regulation was opposed by powerful segments of the industry and the administration)."

If Burnett is making this up, Rosen should sue him. Unfortunately for Rosen, there's probably a paper trail.

Read all about it:


The headline is mysterious and inexplicable in its own right: A New (and Unlikely) Tell-All

It may be new, but it hardly seems unlikely. This is right up there with abuse of the word ironic.
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