walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Birds: in the playset and trotting around the yard

We have a new clutch of eggs (okay, by now they've probably hatched; maybe we'll check on them tomorrow) in the nest in the playset which we failed to remove after the previous birds grew up. They grew up fast. Not kidding. Not, oh, the time goes so quickly bullshit that parents of grown kids try to palm off on parents of pre-schoolers. Like, weeks.

As for the trotting, that would be the wild turkeys I spotted yesterday: a hen and a bunch of young'uns, headed for one of the blueberry bushes. I initially only saw the hen (the leach field is a bit of a hump between the house and the bush, blocking the view of the shorter birds) and went outside on the deck to get a better look. Expectably, T. freaked out and demanded I come back inside (dunno why; mysterious toddler ways *shrug*). But once out on the deck, R. spotted the little guys. Very, very cute. Saw some of them again later in the afternoon, so this is clearly Their Hangout, not a migratory thing.
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