walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_From Dead to Worse_, Charlaine Harris (kindle)

This latest Sookie Stackhouse novel is sort of like old home week: everyone still alive (or at least undead) makes an appearance at some point (well, not _everyone_, but pretty close).

The book starts with the oft-rescheduled double wedding in which the Bellefleurs get married (but not to each other; that would be wrong). Sookie gets suckered into being an emergency bridesmaid but still has to work the bar after the pictures. She meets some interesting and unfamiliar undead and eventually gets around to describing (some of) them to Eric at which point it becomes clear they shouldn't really be in town and have lied about clearing their presence with Eric. That and some foreshadowing kick the plot along, but not before some serious distraction in which Sookie meets a relative and clears up some of the faery mystery.

Other distractions: expectably, Jason and his wife have marital difficulties and Sookie finds out just what she signed up for with those weird vows in Hotshot.

There's a bit of a were-war which Sookie changes the direction of midstream by pointing out some anomalies and insists that people actually start talking to each other. Sookie learns that her undead and then dead cousin reproduced before dying and tracks down the offspring and learns something a little surpring when she does. Louisiana finally falls to a different vampire in a very tense stand-off. Sookie's roommate finally gets back in touch with her mentor -- who movies in, and helps fix Bob the cat.


At the end of the book, it's far from clear who Sookie will be sleeping with next -- and it's also far from clear who this reader would want Sookie to be sleeping with next. It'll be interesting to find out. If you're looking for some hot lovin', this series entry ain't gonna supply it, except in the form of some flashback memories. Nevertheless, a _really good_ series entry. But don't start the series here; it would be unbelievably confusing.
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