walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Toddler Fun: Costco

T. has screamed and refused to enter (or immediately left) Costco on the last couple trips. We tried again today. Previously, I just took him back to the van and we hung out while R. shopped madly for stuff. Today, R. went in, and I experimented, aka, followed T. around. I offered the van option (repeatedly) but he wasn't interested. After a couple of false starts, he found the carts. Then he had to try to get at an inaccessible cart (traditional -- from the back instead of the front and in this case, half blocked in by a wall). Then he picked an accessible one, but was so slow that we then had to back away and let the employee adjust carts. Then he had to fiddle with the flip down seats. Repeatedly. Only then did he accept "up". On our way into the building, he had to switch seats a couple times, which prompted the door dude to suggest we get a different cart if we wanted the seatbelt to work (half on one side was missing). Believe me, not something I was interested in worrying about.

Eventually, we made it inside. I headed for the books thinking maybe we'd find him a board book or something (we did, but he wasn't particularly interested) and possibly something for me. After a while, he decided he wanted a pen, but he's taken all the pens in my purse and left them various places so I gave him the stylus from my Centro. Amazingly enough, when he decided to start throwing it on the floor, I successfully retrieved it and _made it all the way home_ with the stylus. Shocking, but true. Next up: mama should wear her sunglasses. I did that for a while then we swapped back while we contemplated buying him more clothes, but I think he has enough size 4/4T shorts so we decided not to. We called R. to determine how the shopping was going and split up the remaining list and then got in line. T. wanted out of the cart around this point and to be carried _by his papa_. Yes, _quite_ surprising. When R. had to reload the cart post scanning and then pay, I retrieved T. and followed him around while he demanded beverage from the vending machines. After failing to interest him in a bottled water, I got him an OJ and we followed R. out to the van. A spectacularly successful trip, considering how Costco trips _had_ been going.

In addition to my impulse book purchases (a bunch of Dr. Seuss and _Sin in the Second City_), R. picked up a Belkin product designed to keep a laptop from heating up a lap. He declined to get the USB powered fan version in favor of the one with the hollow center. I took one look at that and said, T. will promptly fill that hollow with anything available, possibly books. Sure enough, he did. Immediately. But it is kind of a neat product. I also predicted R. would wind up borrowing it and using it. Which he did.

Expectable results.
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